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Buenos Aires Bound

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Our Authoress is so enamoured of this beautiful city that she now resides there for six months of the year...

This section features links, books and very special pictures of the city our Authoress loves so well and includes some personal pictures her Buenos Aires friend Patricia Goodliffe has provided.

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Sites of Interest - Books - Pictures 

Sites of Interest

Thinking of going to Buenos Aires? Or just want to dream? Either way, the links below should interest you:

Newly added: virtual tours; travel diary/pictures of Soyia Ellison who decided to take the leap and go live there... and wrote of her experience for the Atlanta Journal Constitution "Expatriate takes leap of faith..."  updated and really neat!  Freddo's Site! And much, much more! See it all!








Expatriate takes leap of faith, relocates to Argentina.
First step: Apartment hunting in Buenos Aires



Special Places Around Recoleta

Visit the Famous Cemetery:






All books available on Amazon.com




A Trip to Buenos Aires
Pictures taken from a past trip to the City of Good Airs.

Our Authoress Presents...

Special pictures of her suite at the Alvear and some of the Recoleta neighbourhood which surrounds it.

The Authoress' Scrapbook featuring pictures from a recent stay in Buenos Aires.

Tradiciones Argentinas, our Authoress's favorite little shop in Recoleta....

Very Special Pictures from the collection of our Authoress' friend, Patricia Goodliffe...

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