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Musings… echoes heard while dancing on the head of a pin

Nightly Conversation
In which friends first speak of Mr. Espadero…

Feelings and Decisions
In which Diego’s actions surprise even him…

Late Lunches and Sunday Brunches
In which Diego gets a glimpse of what is to come

Lauren's Visit Part I
In which Lauren learns more about the mysterious Mr. Espadero...

Lauren's Visit Part II
In which Jordan reveals what it's like to find love on the bathroom floor...

Diego and Doug
In which "the word" is spoken...

Coming Home...
In which little steps lead to places unexplored...

Jordan Surrenders
In which all is given without regret...

The Spaniard...

Always the Spaniard

Black Leather

Sexy Shorts...

Alone Her

Alone Him

Doing Laundry


Warm, Wet and Willing... a Diego and Jordan adventure

and a little longer... Jordan's Ménage à Trois


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Ever wonder just what Diego Espadero looks like?

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