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February 2016

During this month of love, our Authoress presents Jordan Surrenders...In which all is given without regret. Perhaps it will provide some warmth for those who have faithfully followed the Diego/Jordan saga

January 2016

Our authoress has been in absentia for some time now, but that may change soon. In the meantime, she'd like for you to be "erotically inspired" and sends us these words"

Hello to fans of Fifty Shades of Grey and similar works. Are you a bit bored and tired of such stuff? Well, try this title for inspiration of a different sort. It may just be your cup of tea, so to speak.

The Surrender by Toni Bentley

The erotica therein is much more to my personal taste and style. Try it! More to come... double entendre intended, of course.

April 2014

The Spaniard returns and it's all about Black Leather this time. Oh my!

April 2012

OH MY! Our Authoress' latest musings are quite warm...and that's no April Fooling!

February 2012

Our Authoress's "Musings" on the development of the relationship with the enigmatic Mr. Espadero and Jordan continues this month with Diego and Doug... In which "the word" is spoken.

Now our Authoress presents a new Sexy Short... Warm, Wet and Willing. We like to call this a Diego and Jordan adventure on the wild side... or maybe that should be on the warm side? For your pleasure, as always.

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